Thursday, May 3, 2012

I did it!

I left that header up there, non-centered, for how many weeks??
And it was so easy to fix.
Who knew?

It drove me nuts being all left-justified,
but I was so sick of messing with it when I made changes in the first place,
that I just left it.
I am soo sorry, ya'll,
making you look at that crap for weeks months!
I couldn't take it any more and googled 
'center blog header image in blogger'
(in my defense, I thought I'd already done that ages ago....)
and found this post.
30 seconds later, my little blog header happily boogied on over to the right.

I do love me some google.


  1. I love it! do you know of any tutorials on how to make a header yourself for the techie challenged?

  2. Looks great! I didn't even notice it wasn't centered. Haha. Now I need to go look at mine.

    Here's a link for a tutorial that a friend of mine made. It's pretty great. Hope it helps!


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