Sunday, May 27, 2012

I may be just a little bit impulsive

Most of you know,
We purchased  the home in which we currently live 
because of the land.
Love the land.
(almost 10 acres)
The house? Dis gusting!!
Not counting the LEM (Lou_______ Expansion Module) which has definitely helped us spread out a bit
the house boasts fewer than 1000 sq ft
of cheaply built, poorly maintained, sub-standard, termite infested junk.
(like how I used the word 'fewer' there, Lana? ;-)
We (mostly Tyler and the big kids) worked ridiculously hard to get the house livable
before we moved in.
We've been saving money to build 
ever since.
Saving money takes a long time.
especially when you're a larger than average family 
living on one income.
We've done a few things over the years, so that the house drives me less nuts,
like filling in the paneling in the living room with drywall mud, adding texture and painting.
The room still looks bad, mind you, but not as bad as before.
We did this project in less than a week right before Lily was born.
Just up and decided to tear the wall out that was falling down (literally)
a couple of weeks before Lily was born.
The (quickly hatched) plan was to drywall, but after ripping down the piece of paneling, 
we discovered there was
nothing to attach drywall to.
No studs, just a couple of boards thrown in all catywampus.
Tyler would have had to completely rebuild the walls.
Eh. Not worth it.
So he threw is a couple of strategically placed boards,
we screwed the paneling back in, and switched to plan b.

Another time,
also decided on the spur of the moment,
this time executed in maybe 3 days,
we did the same thing in the dining room:
filled paneling groves, added texture and painted.
We also painted the wall of bookshelves.
The roller coaster floor, we left alone.
not good, but better.

Then there was the kitchen floor.
Let Operation Less Nasty The Bathroom commence.



  1. oh boy, what are you doing in the bathroom? is this about the floor?

  2. haha ~ no, but it sorta started it... I still haven't gotten all the grout clean and I probably spent another 2 hours on it. Have one more product to try; the computer shows they have 12 bottles at Lowe's, but no one can find it : /

    Nothing huge ~ we're patching all the nasty termite tracks & painting, (not sure about texture yet ~ entirely up to Dad) covering that gap on the left side of the cabinets, framing out the water heater hole & making a curtain for it (why didn't I do that 6 yrs ago??) AND Dad is working on adding an outlet!!! running into some difficulties, so that may not happen...

    I used frankincense e.o. (cuz it stinks, so I won't use it for what I bought it for)to remove all that junk stuck to the tiles from their plastic bathroom accessories. 30 min. again - why didn't I do that sooner?!

    I'd like the cabinet painted white, but honestly, it'll get dirty so fast, it's probably best to leave it as is, but I'll get some new knobs anyways.
    new shower curtain....

  3. that doesn't sound TOO bad :D it will look nice!

  4. Oh wow! reminds me of OUR operation bathroom weekend! thats just how we roll sister. If we think about it too much it gets postponed and overwhelming. so we don't. we just decide, then jump in head first. I cleaned out both sheds this weekend. I mean CLEANED. on a whim. well, started because I needed to get to my pool. turned into a big project. almost ripped up the living room carpet too. should have. fought with a 2 yr. old blow up pool that wouldn't hold water instead. the floor WILL happen. on an impulsive moment. promise!! I Totally understand! xoxo
    ps....hows that bathroom look now?


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