Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Operation Less Nasty is going a bit more slowly than some of our projects.
My handsome handyman had to take over the wall-fixing, 
since he didn't much care for my plan.
In all fairness, his fix is way nicer than mine would have been.
He thinks perhaps I set the bar too low ;-)

Being that it's the end of the month, 
I have to do bothersome life things, like balance checkbooks and pay the bills.
It's getting in the way of my operation here
we've made some great progress,
and we even have an electrical outlet now!!
Oh, the possibilities!
I have several sub-projects in the works,
a couple of which I am especially tickled about.
I'll fill you in as soon as I get the chance.

Taken w my iphone at Lowe's - waiting on an associate to find the overrated Zep grout cleaner and whitener. 

*to see the (mostly)completed project, go here*


  1. can't wait to hear about the new projects!! and I LOVE LOVE that picture of the girls!! They should pay you for it and use it in an ad!!lookit all those colors!!♥

  2. I know! I wanted to buy all teh paints ~ they are in such cute jars!! :-)

  3. that was my thought too! and I'd probably be sitting there with the girls cause I couldn't make up my mind. that really is an awesome picture there!!
    LOve you!


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