Monday, August 6, 2012

another budding artist

that's me ~ if you couldn't tell :-)

And while we're on the subject of artists, here's Lily's latest picture,
which is quite representative of her drawings right now.
Only often, they are drawn on tiny bits of paper,
then wrapped up in another piece of paper, with lots of tape and stickers
and given as gifts. 

that's a lily about to open up, a bird, a bee, and 3 butterflies. And of course, Lily herself. and the sun....


  1. very nice ! very good for such little girls. Lily does better than I can do. Lexi will catch up in no time, too!

  2. So sweet. I noticed today your sidebar of family members needs to be updated. Tony has a wifey now. Her pretty face should be there, too!:)

  3. I love pictures of you and Lily and the sun and bees and butterflies and birds! my favorite things to draw too! xoxo


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