Monday, August 27, 2012

the shop

When we bought this place 7+ years ago,
the shop (which is probably in better shape than the house)
was chock FULL of crap.
Some of it got tossed, 
but for the most part, the shop continued to be a not-very-usable trash heap.
We've made little attempts at sorting through things and cleaning the place up,
but the task was always so overwhelming, we never got very far.
It didn't help that we added our own junk (and some of the big kids') over the years...

A few weeks ago, Brandon and Tyler took several loads of glass to the recycling place.
(Tyler bought fish with his earnings to go in his $5 yardsale tank set-up. 
Have I ever mentioned how not good with animals we are? Apparently, that goes for fish, too.)

They spent the majority of the weekend out there (Friday, too ~ he had a flex day :-)
moving, sorting, and trashing stuff.
And now - for the first time in who knows how long, it's clean(ish),
and almost spacious,
and usable.

Which is good, because they have a project to work on.....


  1. good job guys!!!!

  2. YAY for clean sheds!! I cleaned ours out in the spring. and then I cleaned house. and filled the shed back up. now its only sort of clean.(definately more organized) but after a grage sale or trip to helping hands, it should feel clean again.


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