Monday, August 20, 2012

I should've known

I bought the kids some of those gel beads that people are talking about.
Reviews are mixed,
but I knew our kids would get more than a few minutes of fun out of 'em.
What I didn't expect, silly me, was that we would have 
multiple containers of water marbles
in various stages of growth and combinations of water level / container size
all over the kitchen.

I should've known!


  1. Where do you get those gel beads?
    such pretty colors! did you make the alka setlzer rockets?
    Still a kid at heart

  2. I ordered 'em from Amazon (where I buy everything I possibly can :-)

    We've made alka seltzer rockets before, but not recently. We haven't ever made the diet soda & Mentos rocket, though ~ seems awfully sticky to me : /

  3. I do not have clue what all that means ?? doesn't Walmart have any??
    old fashioned

  4. you should have known!! and mom, lol, its just a big long link to the item she bought. copy and paste it into your browser and it would take you right to it. I doubt walmart carries these. someone needs to get her a computer lesson. :)


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