Monday, December 2, 2013

brother love

Jeremiah is
by far
our most social child.

He wanted the McCs to come over to play for a few hours for his birthday today,
and they had planned to,
but after I told them that we've had sickness in the house,
they decided it would be best not to come;
several of the kids have worked months
to be in a production of A Christmas Carol this weekend
and they just couldn't risk a tummy bug.

Josiah (who had most recently puked) said,
"I can just stay in our room - that way, they could still come over."

I assured him that it wasn't just because of him - the girls or I could get sick at any moment
and there may be germs in the house still
and we'd feel just horrible if any of our friends got sick and had to miss their play!

Josiah ~  I am so proud of you
for being willing to not play with your friends,
so that your brother could!

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  1. What a wonderful sweet thing to offer! happy birthday Jeremiah, aunt terri loves you!!


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