Tuesday, December 17, 2013

tidbits on a Tuesday

Life is moving by at warp speed.
I cannot keep up.

Friday, the day's priority was to get packages in the mail.
I'm hoping I didn't give my sisters-in-law heart attacks.
I have never, ever, mailed their Christmas packages in such a timely manner.
the nieces and nephews got their Christmas money in June.
Having a son and daughter-in-law on the other side of the country put my butt in gear.

After the Post Office, we went thrift shopping.
We needed some cups for a coffee cup exchange.

We tried out a few of them that night - you know, to see if we wanted to make sure to get our own cups ;-)
I thought they looked pretty when I stuck 'em in the microwave to heat 'em up.
(what? you don't heat up your cups for your coffee? we are such snobs.)
(The yellow cup was not purchased for the exchange. It is too perfect for us.)

I don't even remember what we did Saturday.
Oh yes.
Tyler had to work for a few hours.
And then I beat him at backgammon time and time (and time) again.
Does anything else even matter?

On Sunday afternoon, after a quick lunch,
we went to the King Opera House for Earthen Vessel's production of A Christmas Carol.
We had several friends in it this year, and didn't want to miss it.
It was very well done and we all enjoyed it,
and enjoyed seeing our friends excel.
The kids enjoyed the cookies they had during intermission, too ;-)

After the show, we talked about going to Academy;
they had kettle bells on sale for $1.09/lb and they were on our list to buy for the gym.
If you've ever priced kettle bells, you know that is an excellent price!
Tyler took us to McD's for a burger snack
before we headed.
(During which time T and I texted back and forth about the pretty sky :-)
We ended up deciding not to drive into FSM,
and just have Tyler run over at lunch time on Monday.

So, we went to the Hodo's  Christmas light show instead.
Which, of course, meant a stop in at Dollar General for candy canes first.
Only, when we went to grab the candy canes, 
we saw those big plastic candy canes full of sixlets
and thought the kids would be tickled if we surprised them with those, instead.
So we did. :-)
(But just in case not keeping tradition exactly was going to be a problem with anybody, we bought a box of regular canes, too.)
This year's show was dedicated to those serving (or who have served) in the military,
so Tyler texted our Marine to share it with him.
(Of course, in person, it's much more enjoyable)

Last night the pastors had a dinner for the elders and their wives,
so Tyler and I went to that while Brandon stayed home with the kids.
(and fixed dinner, and dessert, and had them in bed when we got home!)
(thanks, Bud!!)
The food was delicious (I ate 1 1/2 rolls - oh they were so good!) and the fellowship was sweet.
We had to play a stupid game which really cut into our visiting time, though.
(and we didn't win! pooh)
Par for the course, we were among the last to leave.
Just following in my parents' footsteps... ;-)

Tonight is TaeKwanDo and grocery shopping
so I can get all the extra food stuffs I need for the 5 parties we have in the next 5 days.
Anybody want to place bets on how much I'll forget??

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  1. mug rug, cute! the rest went by so fast, it was a blur but nice! maybe 3 things missed? good job, Brandon! have fun everyone in the busy days ahead!
    love to all!


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