Tuesday, December 3, 2013

follow up

My post the other day sparked some discussion with Tyler
so I wanted to follow up with some thoughts.

I believe the two instances I mentioned
(measurement taking, and Brandon carrying Josiah to the mailbox and the lightbulb moment that followed)
were most definitely the catalysts for change.

I think the timing of Emily sharing THM was serendipitous.
The book was beneficial to me in a couple of ways:

It reinforced some of my already held ideas about nutrition.

It helped me to realize that it was okay for my kids 
- who expend more energy than I do, and have faster metabolisms - 
to eat some things that it isn't okay for me to eat, due to my slow metabolism,
namely foods that are higher on the Glycemic Index.
They are quite thrilled with this :-)

I never want to 'diet' (and THM says they are not a 'diet') I always say any sustainable weight loss requires real change.
But the reality, for me, is, I've made dietary changes. Lots of them over the years.
And they don't result in significant weight loss.
So - I need to diet if I'm going to lose weight.
As much as that pains me....
I'm fairly confident I will be able to keep the weight off,
but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
So, for a time,
I am okay with sometimes eating something other than what the family eats.
(most often, tuna, drained, straight out of the can, and a salad with pepperoncinis. I sound like 'Lish ;-)

The whole single fueling was new to me - and I do follow their guidelines on this, but not exactly.
(I'm sure this surprises absolutely no one ;-)
I can tell you, in great detail, my thoughts on it if you'd like ;-)

Most importantly,
(I think. I may change my mind on this...)
THM helped me believe I could actually 
really and truly
lose the weight.

Also, it inspired me to be more intentional and faithful with my exercise.
(which, as you  know, didn't really last that long before I got discouraged and quit...;-) I'm definitely a work in progress.)
And just so you know ~ I don't swallow everything in the book hook, line, and sinker.
But really, what book do I? ;-)

Tyler and I believe that my weight and size loss
has mostly been a result of the strength training.

But also
my diligence in eating carefully.
Even more carefully than I have in the past.
My ability to say "no" to foods I'd previously go ahead and indulge in 
is greater due to the fact that I really am tired of being fat.
(That said, when I buy chips for the kids, I buy BBQ potato chips, not Doritos. I'm not made of steel...)
(In the interest of full disclosure, you should know that some Oreos came into the house recently
and I ate 3.
And then the next day, I ate 2.
But ya'll, ordinarily when Oreos find their way into my cart, I eat waaaay more than that.
Like I said, no magic willpower here ;-)

those are my thoughts
just in case you were wondering...

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  1. where is the " like" button? keep up the good work sis!! when I fall off the wagon, and I do, I just hop right back on!! :)


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