Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the annual birthday party

This year's party for Jesus was pretty much the same as the past few years'
except this year we had brownies and icecream,
the pickle was found so quickly
(by Jeremiah again)
that there was a torrent of tears by the youngest three
and harsh words hollered (for several minutes straight...) by the littlest.

We're re-thinking the whole pickle thing.
The kids earn extra money for Christmas giving (both for siblings and Jesus) by doing extra jobs around the house.
Problem was,
this year,
I wasn't on the ball
at all.
I offered up double the pay from previous years (which was generous already) until I got my chart made.
I never got my chart made.
So they ended up being compensated quite nicely for their work.

Next year - I'm getting a chart made up nice and early.

Amazingly enough,
even though it would have earned them a ton of money
(money could be earned daily for some jobs...)
not one time
washed the bathroom floor.
That is one hated job, I tell ya!


This year
we bought Jesus' gifts through Heifer International, World Vision, and Compassion.
I didn't keep track of each person's gifts - there was a lot of 'going in together' on things,
plus it was kinda fast and furious there for a little while.

We were especially happy to find that Heifer had bees, a hive, and training for only $30,
so we gave 2  gifts of bees
3 flocks of chickens
2 flocks of ducks and geese.
5 fruit trees
and a rabbit
(I'm really hoping somebody else gave a rabbit, too...).
We gave to 3 different clean water projects
a safe playground.
We gave a newborn care package that included a toy, as well as basic necessities,
and fed 2 mommas and their babies for a month.
We gave parasite protection for 3 children
a mosquito net.
We gave to an emergency fund to help mommas and babies survive,
to emergency food funds that will multiply 5 times
a nice chunk of money that will multiply ten times to an emergency clothes fund.

We still haven't found affordable safe heat to give,
but maybe next year...

Happy Birthday, Jesus.
We love you!!!


  1. so very special! thanks to all of you for your gifts of love to others!

  2. There will be great rewards for all of you in Heaven one day!!! I totally forgot to give you some money for my gifts this year!! Please remind me next year!! I am sure the tounge lashing from the littlest was a sound to behold...I had to chuckle!! xoxo


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