Sunday, August 17, 2014

happy anniversary to us :-)

Tyler took us all to the beach for a week to celebrate our 27th anniversary.

It was fabulous!

We traveled light (unbelievably light! the back of the van wasn't even full!)
and the kids were all terrific!

Favorite things, in no particular order:

the whole family going way out deep and riding the waves

the best baked potato. ever. period.

cool bridges

snorkeling at St Andrews

collecting sea shells

seeing a sea turtle

a whole week with my love (that one's from my list ;-)

coffee on the balcony (that's from my list, too :-)

beautiful sunsets

coming back refreshed


  1. Welcome home! I've been thinking about you

  2. sounds like a good time for all! glad you're back safe and sound! beautiful photos!
    love to all,

  3. Happy Anniversary, (a few days late)
    checked your blog and saw it was Sunday...then realized I neglected to save your email address, don't know how I managed that, but when you get a few minutes, send me a note via email and I promise to SAVE your address this time, love, Aunt Bonnie PS your quilts are amazing!!!

  4. Now that's an amazingly wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary as a family!

  5. Trips to the beach are sooo therapeutic!!! Its been so crazy around here, sorry for my delay, I haven't seen your blog in weeks!!! I know everyone had a great time, Happy anniversary a little late!! LOve you!!


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