Saturday, August 2, 2014

the new black, and then some

TKD testing was today.
I was so nervous!

The biggest news is:
Jeremiah is now a black belt!!

(He put us all through agony though, and didn't break all 3 boards 'til his final try. 
One of the moms told me she was as happy when Jeremiah earned his belt, as she was when her own daughter earned hers!
 I love the camaraderie of TKD.) 

The saddest news is:
Josiah didn't break all of his boards, so he didn't earn a new belt.

He was able to be happy for Jeremiah anyways,
but gosh it stung!
It was so sweet to see his friends (siblings included) loving on him and encouraging him for next time.
Little Zeke asked his momma if she had any toys in her purse,
'cause he was hoping to find something (anything) that would make Josiah feel better.
Sweet little love.

We were so pleased that even though Josiah was sad, and felt horrible about not getting his black belt,
he still encouraged and congratulated his friends.
He's maturing quite nicely, I think.
And that belt, whenever he does earn it, will be especially sweet.

This was just after not earning his black belt. I think it would have been pretty tough to get up and perform after that!

Brandon passed his 2nd midterm with flying colors,
(and no stress to the audience, since he broke all 3 of his boards on the first go-round. whew!)
and, as an instructor in training, was a testing judge for the first time today.

The girls both did awesome on their kicks and form;

Lily earned her orange belt,
and Lexi earned an orange-striped white belt,
although, Mr Townsed said if she'd have performed like that a week ago, he'd have let her test for a full orange belt.

She did her form for Tyler and I Thursday evening and we were shocked at how well she could do;
I've only seen her do it at class and she's always watching a higher rank and following them
I had a sneaking suspicion the 'watching' was a crutch,
and boy howdy, it was!
Brandon and I told her she wasn't allowed to copy anyone - 'cause she did waaayyy better doing her form from memory.

Mr Townsend started something new this cycle, and had all of the black belts up there when the certificates and belts were handed out.
He figured they all help with the students training, and he wanted them to get to congratulate them more formally,
and have the students thank the black belts.
After Jeremiah received his belt, they added him to the 'line-up'.
His smile was so huge at first!

Congrats, Jeremiah,
and all of my kiddos!
Momma is so proud of ALL of you!!

(I'll add more pictures once some get posted on FB and I can swipe them, Many thanks to the Taggs for the testing pics
'cause we totally bombed on picture-taking)

We went to Dairy Freeze after testing to celebrate. Here's everyone watching TJ play Hair Salon 2


  1. It's great to see an activity/sport which all the family are pleased to be involved in, either as participant or encourager. It must have been a wonderful day for you all.

  2. so amazing for all of you! so proud of Jeremiah!! Josiah you did great too! you will get that black belt yet! and encouraging the others is very admirable in a young man like you! Lily and Lexi growing in your skills! you all did awesome! so did all your friends! so glad you have such a nice group to be a part of.
    love to all!
    Grandma and Grandpa


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