Wednesday, August 20, 2014

what's in the works

I was out of basted diamonds for my stars.

That has been rectified

and I've managed to get 8 more stars sewn up :-)

I have fewer than 100 diamonds to baste for the stars 
(all solids, left for last because they are no fun - but necessary, I think, for 'breathing space')

Of course, I still have over 500 diamonds to baste for the surrounds, though...
I am also working on a super secret commissioned project that is due in December.
I almost said no when I was asked about it.
I did say,  "No."
But then I remembered my dream (which I haven't yet shared with you all yet. I need to remedy that)
and said I'd think about it.
I have never attempted this particular kind of sewing before, so I had to test my skills before I could say yes.
My test turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself,
so I said, "Yes."

I started Monday and I'm going to attempt to work on it 30-45 minutes every week day, which should get me finished with time to spare.
Provided, of course, that my guesstimate on how long it will take is correct.
(which would be a first ;-)
My priority sewing project this week is turning this:

into dresses for Lil' and Lex', and a top that will more flattering than to me than a regular t-shirt.
By Sunday.
(I best get crackin'!!)
This year is our church's 50th anniversary!
The Sams will be in town, and Phip (much loved former pastor) is preaching, so I'm excited about that :-)
This may surprise you: I'm linking up with Lee's Work in Progress Wednesdays ;-)


  1. Love the kaleidoscope effect of your stars!

  2. Your diamonds and stars are looking good and I'm very much looking forward to hearing more of your special secret commission - and your dream - when the time is right.

  3. Those stars are wonderful! I love the kaleidoscope effect so much!


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