Sunday, October 25, 2015

in which Jeremiah takes a walk with the camera

He took a 45 minute walk around the property
and came in with 188 pictures,
which he then narrowed down to 113.

Here are some of our favorites.

I sure love my nature-loving boy!


  1. Hum these photos are amazing! Like, everything I learned in my photography class show up in these photos!! Lines, and subjects, the focus, all of it is really good! I'm proud for sure!!

  2. right?! :-) I was really proud of him - he was trying different things and changing settings to get the shot he was seeing in his mind.
    (did you see the snake??)
    Brandon is very gifted w photography but has no desire to take pictures. Maybe Jeremiah will be the photographer?? I just wish SOMEBODY could help me get camera stuffs through my thick skull!! XO


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