Thursday, October 22, 2015

this and that on a Thursday

Lily told the hens that they all need to be laying eggs.
(never mind that I tell them this all the time)
all 8 of my girls gave us an egg!

Yesterday,  we only got 2 eggs.
So I told Lily 
she best be getting out there and talking to those girls 


It is very hard to find a dozer person.
Who knew?!


I'm not quite sure how it happened,
but I went a month without exercising.

I know!

I remedied that yesterday.

I am always shocked to discover how quickly I get weak 
when I go for a period of not working out.


I do know (partly) how it happened.
My dadgum ankle has been hurting.

But it didn't hurt yesterday,
for the first time in about 3 months.

So far, it doesn't hurt today, either.

Of course, everything else does, though ;-)


I notice I am laughing more.

I think that vacation was really good for me.

Thanks, Love!!


The calendar is getting really full
really quickly
: /


Some new friends gave us deer meat to try.
I'm eager (but also a tad nervous) to try it.
I hope we like it!


We took the pool down.
We weren't sure it would last the whole season,
but thankfully, it did.

We bought one a little bigger (on major clearance - yay!) to replace it.

It's kinda weird to look out the window and not see it though.
(not bad weird. Just weird)


Tyler and Brandon repurposed it 
as a tee pee for the kids.


They (the kids. Not Tyler and Brandon)
have been working on some tricks for halloween.


Can you believe October is almost over??
I can't.


I am enjoying fall. I am not dreading winter.
I am enjoying fall; I'm not dreading winter.
I am enjoying fall.
I am not dreading winter.
(I have to keep reminding myself)


  1. Ah, she is a chicken whisperer! Could be handy gift to have! Oh, if you don't love the deer meat, we'll take it off your hands. We LOVE it! I concluded yesterday that the one huge thing I love about Fall here are the absolute gorgeous colors, but I already feeling the aches of cooler weather for two weeks now. You keep up the "I am enjoying fall mantra and let me know if it works. Love me

  2. We'd never had deer meat either, then our boy went deer hunting and came home with two big bucks! We learned a lot that year. Do you have a meat grinder? We weren't that crazy about the taste of venison but you can disguise it in chili and sausage fairly easily. But our biggest success was with the dehydrator and making jerky. And I'm ashamed to admit we made a bunch of dog food...


  3. They gave us just enough for 2 meals worth, so, none to pass on BBW. What is your favorite way to eat it??

    No meat grinder, Nanc, but the jerky idea is a good one. Hey - I make dog food every week. I just wish I'd skip the dirtying a container or wasting a ziplock bag step...;-)


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