Friday, December 30, 2011

beef - it's what's for dinner

It's something we've talked about
off and on
for several years now.
We finally decided to do something about it.

Lana started looking for grass fed beef a few weeks ago.
When you cut out grains,
you tend to think a little more seriously
about what you eat 

I took her research and ran with it
and ended up getting contact info for a group in F'ville
that raises cows the way I would want to,
if I were ever going to raise a cow.....

All that to say - we have a half of a cow in our freezer!
More accurately, 3/4 of a half a cow,
since we split it with Luke and Lana.

By my calculations,
we've got 56 meals worth of beef (2 -3 lbs)
averaging $12.88 / per meal 
for our family of 5 big eaters, and 3 little ones.
We're pretty stinkin' excited!
I hope we like grass-grown beef....


  1. got a few pounds out for making my superb meatballs for tomorrow night - i am so excited to try the new beef!! i expect it will be awesome; i confess if it isn't the most delicious beef i have eaten, i'll be a bit disappointed, though i know it's more about health than taste...

  2. I am prepared for it to take a bit of getting used to ~ but maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised

  3. I'm excited for you too!
    I think you'll get used to it. Good heavens - it's just meat, right? There's always some way to spice it up!


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