Wednesday, December 28, 2011

new towels

Remember last week - when I said I'd ordered fabric
for a little project?

It's a happy fabric - maybe you've heard of it?

 We got rid of the dishwasher a few weeks ago;
it's always leaked, but the leaking had gotten worse
and I didn't want my pretty new floor getting messed up.

 And besides, 
we practically washed the dishes before loading them anyways...

 I figured If I was going to have towels on my counter all the time,
they ought to be pretty.

 At first,
I was just going to buy new towels.
But where would be the fun in that?
Plus I figured,
to get kitchen towels of any quality,
I'd have to pay a good bit for them....

If I was going to pay good money for something,
might as well be something I really love, huh?
And the best part?
Actually, there's 2 best parts:
I used birthday money (thanks, Mom & Gramma!)
I have leftover fabric :-)


  1. very cute!! if that material had sound it would be laughing and giggles and happy whistles and skipping (that is not a sound but it goes with it) Great idea and very cheerful counter for dishes to drain!!
    Super job, Tracy! Love it-Love you!

  2. I second what Mom said! Great idea and so wonderful!!! I would love to see some more pictures of the kitchen makeover. ;-)

  3. Somehow, the Dreaming material says sunshine, fun, and "Come on in!"!!! I'm so going to make some of these!!! Wahoooo!!! I love reasons to shop for fabric!!!

  4. your towels are beautiful!!!


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