Monday, September 12, 2011

the kitchen stool

I forgot to take 'before' pictures,
but the entire stool
looked like the seat - covered in paint and putty
(and falling apart)

I planned on painting it
(of course ;-)
but once I went after it with steel wool,
it became a challenge to not have to paint it.
I probably spent a total of 2-3 hours cleaning it up
and was so pleased 
that I even managed to get the plastic step paint-free!

I had quite a time
figuring out what to cover the seat with.
I decided I should go with something I love,
seeing as the stool
will be hanging around the kitchen all day - every day.
There's no fabric I love more
than California Dreamin'
so I dug out my beloved stash
and pulled my 3 favorites.
The one that looked best with the black step 

The only problem 
I didn't want my precious fabric getting dirty,
and let me tell you,
we can get white nasty
I remembered reading once about making floor cloths
by coating canvas with floor finish.
It just so happens
that I use floor finish
as the topcoat on my furniture....
I put several coats on,
and then a few more, for good measure.
And now we have a waterproof
and wipe-able
California Dreamin' kitchen stool!

which also doubles as a piano....


  1. that piano makes beautiful music- I can hear the cheerful notes dancing around!!
    Great job girls (big and little)
    Mom and Grma

  2. Wow! Another great transformation!

  3. Its wonderful!!! a very happy step stool for sure!!!


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