Friday, September 16, 2011

her momma's girl

Yesterday evening
for the first time in seven (!) weeks
I felt like I might be able to actually take a walk,
so the girls and I put our running shoes on
and headed out the door.

Plan was - we'd go to the end of the street
and if I thought I could handle more
(and the girls were up to it)
we'd walk the cemetery, too.
It was slow going - walking with 2 flower loving girls
(tiny wild flowers speckle our street)
but that was probably for the best.
We were all doing fine,
so we crossed the street.

To Lily's complete and utter delight
perfectly good flowers
were abundant in the burn cans throughout the cemetery.
My girl
stood there digging through the trash
with the hugest smile
exclaiming all the while,
"I just love flowers!
Oh Momma, thank-you so much for letting me get these!!"

She talked non-stop for the next half-hour 
about how much she loved flowers
and what all she was going to do with her new-found treasures.
I wish I'd had a video camera to capture her joy,
but these day-after pictures will have to suffice.

I love you, precious girl!!

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  1. You did find pretty treasures,Lily!! And no wonder you love flowers. Your name is a pretty flower!
    Love you sweet girly!


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