Friday, June 1, 2012

happy national donut day

Having just purchased Mrs. Muddle's Holidays,
once I found out it was National Donut Day,
I couldn't really let the day slip by unnoticed, could I?
So I grabbed the water bottles and some milk
(and a gallon of frozen milk to keep it all cold)
and threw 'em in a cooler bag.

Stopped in at the Dollar General to get something a bit more substantial than just donuts
and left the store with a pkg of salami and American cheese
(I do believe this is the first time several of my children had that particular delicacy)
and headed to Paul's Bakery.
The selection there was so dismal, that we had to go to FSM.
Figured we may as well try out the new shop.

After loading up on sugary treats
(two to a bag for each person)
we made a beeline for the park and spread out our picnic sheet.
While we lunched,
we watched the ducks.

The longer we were there, the braver the geese and ducks got.

They just wanted to celebrate with us, that's all... 

A couple of planes flew overhead so closely that we could see the propellers spin!

After eating, the kids did a little playing 

under their big bub's watchful eyes

then it was home again, home again jiggity jig.

Throw caution to the wind, chuck your to-do list (you'll never get everything finished anyways)
 and head out to your nearest (stocked) donut shop
and have a happy National Donut Day!


  1. see, you ARE a fun mom :D
    I told Luke that today was national donut day, can't remember where i saw it, and he got some on the way home for lunch :) the last 4 chocolates and the last glazed donut at Harps. Apparently the word about National Donut Day spread :D looks like a fun picnic! .... Luke discovered about a year ago that American Cheese was actually a cheese product, and not cheese. He was so upset, like he'd been decieved all these years, that he said he never wanted to eat it again. We have had it a few times at church stuff or the hobbs' house, but prolly won't buy it ever. Velveeta, having always been known to be not-real-cheese i suppose, is still on the table occasionally ;)

  2. I never knew there was such a day, but it sure looked like you made it wonderfully fun!! yumm!

  3. The top donut picture has got to be my favorite. Looks like you had a fun day!


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