Monday, June 11, 2012

mini thanks

Just a few days after arriving home from our vacation,
I bought a gift card for my friend,
as a thank-you for taking care of all the cats,
watering my porch plants, and grabbing the mail while we were gone.
And then,
it sat.
I am so lame.
Then I thought, I'll mail it to her ~ that'd be kinda punny.
You know - she'd get mail, thanking her for getting my mail...
But I am no better at putting things in the mail
than I am at driving over to people's houses, and still it sat.
Yesterday, she asked if she could come over and buy some popcorn off me;
she knew we'd bought a 50# bag at Sam's recently.
Yay - I can finally give her the gift card, I thought.
But, it looked a little lame, sitting there in its cardstock holder.
It was, after all, now weeks since she'd looked after things for me.

So, I decided I needed to make a mini zip bag, to put it in.
I would use pink scraps and do an improv pieced front.
That'd be cute ~ she'd like that.
Then I realized,
I don't actually have many pink scraps; I haven't made a pink quilt yet.
What to use, then, that would properly convey my gratitude?

Obviously, there was only one answer ~ a piece of my beloved California Dreamin'.
Made up into a little bag, complete with little boxed corners.
Perfect for a wrapping a gift card 'thank-you'. 

She told me multiple times that the gift card was too much,
I did what any good friend would do.
I told her she could take me out.


  1. oh Boy, we did inherit (ahem...)a little slowness on the letter/mail front. Not from gramma tho, as she was always so promt!
    Its a wonderful thank you and the bag is a beauty! I hope you do have a girls day out!!! what fun!

  2. Sweet Momma is not telling you that the utterly grateful friend, who was so thankful to get out of the house to buy some of that popcorn, is NOT telling her Honey what is inside of that absolutely beautiful little bag. Though I did show him the bag, he was more impressed with the popcorn. MEN! What she also didn't tell you is what a blessing she was to simply be a friend and just hold me while I sobbed my heart out and then spoke as a true friend would. Encouraging me, lifting my spirit, and sent me home looking forward to using the wonderful surprise with the creator of that beautiful California Dreaming bag! I sure do LOVE you QL!

  3. See what a lovely creative gal with a humungus big heart can do with some material and a hug!
    You're pretty special, Tracy, and you have a pretty special friend!
    touched in Little Flock! : )

  4. sorry on the letter/mail front
    guilty in Little Flock! : (

  5. Guilty over here too! Is it too warm to send someone over there a wool shawl?

    Anyway, the square corners are *perfect*! I know how valuable those blocks are.
    Lots of love being sent your way.


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