Thursday, June 28, 2012

sew many stitches

I have been stitchin' and stichin' this past week!
And loving almost every minute of  it.

Friday, I put off nap-time as long as I possibly could,
waiting for the UPS man to bring my book.
About 1:52, I decided I'd just have to do something else while sitting in with Lexi,
I couldn't wait any longer to get her to bed.
I turned on the stove to start my coffee.
(in the little espresso maker Nate bought me in France years ago :-)
I put a spoon of xylitol, a few shakes of creamer, and some coconut milk in my cup.
Just as I was adding the coffee, I heard the truck rumbling up the drive.
I was so happy!!
As with the other two Natalie Chanin books, I read it cover to cover in one sitting.
I have so many projects going on  right now!

I still need to cut away the top layer on the two little half daisies

Another muslin.
(This time from the 2nd book - I call it the 'princess seam' shirt. 
 I'm having a hard time remembering which style shirt / dress / skirt is in which book!
I need to make a chart. I'm only half-kidding.)
It was kind of silly of me to embellish a muslin, but here's the thing.
I made some adjustments to the pattern based on the fit of the second muslin I made from the camisole pattern,
so I was pretty sure it'd fit across the bust. (it does - bottom is fuller than I prefer, but oh well. 
I adjusted the pattern for next time.)
I need something else to wear with my sassy shoes.

I only have one corral shirt. 
Which meant I wasn't wearing my sweet sandals as often as I should have been.
I saw Katy's book cover, and decided,
"Yes! I have tons of my blue sheet left. I have a $ .25 corral tank top in my repurposing stash.
I'll just put 'em together!"
I bought the daisy pattern from Hobby Lobby
and used watered down acrylic paint mixed with textile medium to stencil the fabric.

This is the back :-)  A certain little 3 yr old got up from dinner and touched my fabric before the paint was even dry.
So, yes, that is food that you see on it. grilled chicken, perhaps.   : /

I don't want to do a ton of hand sewing on it, since the quality of the fabric is horrible,
so I'm waiting to hem it and bind the neck and arms until I get some matching machine thread.
I know ~ you don't hem Alabama Chanin garments, but this fabric just rolls up too much.

the back side of the front panel

I decided (hopefully, not foolishly!) to not make a 3rd muslin of the 8-panel shirt.
I made the changes to the pattern, and just went with it.
I had planned on machine sewing the seams, and doing the rest by hand,
but I hadn't managed to get the first two seams sewn by naptime,
(have you gathered that I get to sit with my feet up while I wait for Lex' to fall asleep?
I either read or sew. Sometimes I visit my favorite blogs...)
Since I couldn't get started on beading, 
and I'd already finished the one book I checked out for myself,
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt (good, but not fabulous)
I figured I may as well grab my white thread and sew the seams by hand.
I don't imagine this will surprise you, but I loved making every tiny little stitch!
I felt like all those hours hand-quilting totally prepared me for the task.
Which didn't feel one bit like a task!
(And was sooo much easier than quilting!)

The double stick tape was not my ingenious invention; I stole that.
Once I got a few things figured out and developed a rhythm, I started enjoying the beading some,
but I don't enjoy the beading nearly as much as the 'seaming'. 
I didn't have quite enough purple, so we did some color blocking. I was pretty tickled how nicely things lined up!

Kacy asked me Sunday if I could make her a swim suit;
thanks to Crossfit, she now has a bootie
and her current suit doesn't cover it decently.
I used some crappy swimsuit fabric and some FOE that I had a lot of 
to make a muslin of the panties bottoms.
She laughed when I called her to try them on (red with silver legs and waist, they look like underoos ;-)
but then told me she was keeping them 'cause they were comfy :-)
They were not made well ~ they were made quickly.
I told her, under no circumstances, was she to show them to her mother
and tell her that I could make her a wedding dress if she didn't find one she loved.
On Monday, I squeezed in reading Sheet Music.
Tony and Kacy were given it as part of their pre-marital counseling.
He told Kacy to go ahead and read it now, but said Ton' should wait 'til right before the wedding.
I thought that I remembered it being recommended 
to save a good portion of the book for honeymoon and beyond, so I gave it a quick run-through.
I agreed whole-heartedly with the author 
who suggested only reading the 1st four chapters before marriage.
I think the book goes a long way towards a healthy view of Christian sex,
and I agree with him in many (but definitely not all) ways
but I don't think I'm really a Leman fan.
And I really could have done without quite so much talking to and about 'Mr Happy'.
And I'm not entirely convinced he's as imaginative as he thinks he is ;-)

I started reading Captivating, because the speaker at the retreat that Eva made me go to
highly, highly recommended it. 
I have no feelings one way or the other about the book so far...
I've got fabric on order, and a bunch of windows open on my computer for more fabric,
so I don't know if much reading will be happening in the next few weeks,
but I am fairly certain there will be lots of happy stitching.

Of course ~ if you want to see what others are sewing and reading this week, visit

needle and thREAD


  1. OH! that will look so cute with your "sassy shoes"!!
    You sure are "finding joy in little things" little stitches and little beads and you are in your glory!!
    Love and Blessings

  2. Ok. The red and the blue are SO my kitchen! For a year now I've resisted having the two together (the blue is all the items from the old kitchen) but I **really, really** like what you've done with the blue and coral! Wear those sassy shoes with pride!

    Ps. When you said you had lots of windows open, I thought you were going to mention how hot it was there... :-)

  3. haha ~ it IS so hot here! When the kids leave the door open even a crack, the cold slips out and the hot sneaks in SO quickly ~ drives Tyler bonkers!
    love you!!

  4. so many topics in ones post, I will pick my favorites. The SHOES!! LOVE!!! the Dirty chicken finger prints, LOVE!! and the coral flowers, so cute!! You are quite a gal Mrs. Tracy!! xoxo


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