Wednesday, June 6, 2012

quilting expectations

Sometimes, when I'm working on a quilt, I just feel so grateful.
Several years ago,
the women's ministry at our church was doing a series on 'expectations'.
They had asked me to do a talk on the expectations we have of ourselves.
I spent hours and hours in the Word, 
trying to determine what expectations God expects us to
have for ourselves.
I didn't want to just share my own thoughts on the matter.
Interestingly, they never asked me to speak again.
I will admit it was the the most difficult and humbling talk I've ever given!
I began with an attention grabber.
I described in detail the quilts I'd made for my children.
Quilts I had designed myself, full of all the things they loved.
Beautiful quilts that told the story of their lives.
And then I mildly annoyed the ladies when I said,
"I should have brought them to show you tonight. 
They aren't exactly finished yet.
Actually - They aren't even started.     I haven't even bought the fabric yet."

Expectations ~ we sure  have a lot of them for ourselves, huh?!

I'm not making the gloriously detailed quilts of my dreams,
but I am making quilts.
And for that, I am grateful.

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