Monday, February 10, 2014

baby quilts

Lots of bloggers churn out quilt 
after quilt 

often, they are baby quilts, or small lap sizes.

I always thought it was because they were faster
(and they most certainly would be!)
but I'm thinking it's more because 
that's what size works best in home machines...

Sundays might be my day off from exercising
(Oh, how I look forward to Sundays!)
but I sure got a workout anyways, quilting this thing.
Every time around a star, I have to turn the quilt 16 times.
(8 points, 8 valleys)
Most of those 16 times,
I have to wrestle the bulk of the quilt
through that little space.

I'm thinkin' - next time? 
Baby quilt.


  1. it's beautiful! points and valleys and all that wrestling all that bulk thru the machine! wonderful! such talent and skill!
    love you

  2. Nah....that would be too easy! LOL unless of course, someone is having a baby!! beautiful work sis! xoxo

  3. Why not free motion quilt around the stars instead of trying to continually turn it? That way you could roll the sides and wouldn't have all that bulk piled around the machine.

  4. Becky ~ I thought of that, but I am not nearly a good enough fmq-er to get a straight, evenly spaced stitch. I truly admire those who can fmq straight lines!!!


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