Tuesday, February 11, 2014

gadget girl

Since there are so many of us, and we are home, pretty much all the time,
our 'things' see more use than many people's.
We use our stuff a lot.
To death, really.
And this old computer has been on its last leg for quite some time.
We've been looking for an affordable replacement since last summer.
About a week and a half ago, Tyler found a suitable refurbished laptop
for a good price, so we ordered it.
(It actually just arrived today. I should be typing this up on that one, huh? Not sure why I'm not. Habit; I suppose.)

Saturday (or maybe it was Friday?) Tyler told me he'd ordered my Valentine's gift.
I responded with a very loving, "We don't do Valentine's gifts."

It turns out, he hadn't actually ordered it yet, but it was in his cart - a tablet.
I wasn't really sure what I'd need a tablet for...
Plus, we'd just ordered that laptop... and we need to save money...
He was a little confused at my lack of excitement as he thought I'd mentioned to him that I wanted a tablet,
and since I rarely mention wanting something, he wanted to buy it for me.
I was fairly certain I hadn't mentioned wanting a tablet, 
seeing as how I'm still not sure what one is (or does).
But I had kinda
been thinking 
that I might want to think about 
 getting a Kindle.
And I had mentioned that to him.
(When kindles first came out, I was vehemently opposed to them. 
I still can't imagine one taking the place of books completely, but I can see how they have a place...)

Kindle. Tablet. You see how he was confused...

I assured him that I wasn't saying I wanted one, mind you, I was merely thinking about maybe wanting one.
Some day...
 I hadn't even begun to research which one I might want.
And I don't do much of anything without researching it (to death...)

Brandon and Tyler proceeded to tell me all about what I could do with my new tablet
(a really good one, for a great price, no less)
and I started thinking maybe I did want this tablet thing, after all.
So about 3 or 4 hours after he put it in his shopping cart, Tyler ordered it.
Then I started getting a little excited about having my own tablet.
Why, I could even take it to bed and do tablet-y things 
right before I went to sleep!
I could probably even use it as a reader?
I have several e-books that I've gotten free, but have never really had a good way to read.
I figured Brandon could get them on my tablet for me.

Tyler came home and said something about my Valentines' gift.
He was worried that my tablet might not come by Friday
(it's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow)
so maybe he should get another gift.
I reminded him, again, that we don't do gifts for Valentines Day
(but I didn't tell him the delivery schedule ;-)
he said he'd already bought me something and didn't I just want it now?
The man can not wait to give a gift at the 'proper' time.
If it's purchased - he has to give it :-)
I told him I would rather just wait 'til V-day.
Because I am a stinker like that ;-)
But then I told him 
he could give it to me now...
So he handed me a Staples bag
(only I didn't know it was a Staples bag)
And inside of the bag was a rectangular, kinda weighty, box.
Why, would he buy me chocolates? I wondered to myself as I reached in the bag.
They must be some mighty special chocolates
I thought.
As I pulled out 
a Kindle Fire!

And now, 
this spoiled rotten gadget girl is going to go read a book. 
Sort of. 


  1. love it, love it, love it!
    love you both!

  2. WOW!! Congratulations!! I think you'll love it.

  3. LOL about him not being able to wait to give gifts. Billy is the same way! (And I'm the stickler. :)) Hope you love your new gadget...I LOVE my tablet and it comes in handy in SO many ways!


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