Wednesday, February 12, 2014

If you give a girl some fabric

If you give a girl some fabric
she'll want to iron it.
So you tell her to use the little ironing board, so the iron isn't too close to her precious face
and let her have at it.

Of course, she'll need some starch, too.
So you'll give her two choices; the homemade, in the easy-to-spray bottle,
and the magic sizing.
She'll choose the stuff you use, and say it's actually easier.

She'll spray and iron, spray and iron,
and spray and iron some more

until she is satisfied with how crisp her fabric is.

Then she will decide she wants to make a purse out of the fabric,
so you'll even up the edges,
then glue baste her seam allowances
and mark a stitching line.
You'll teach her how to love her thread, and take a few stitches through the thicker part,
then hand over the needle.

She'll concentrate very hard
and sew and sew
and even poke herself a time or three

until she has a finished purse!
Which she will, of course, want to iron.

As soon as it's all nicely pressed, she will decide she wants to add some beads to it.
because, she is your daughter, after all.

You tell her how much easier it would have been to add the beads before sewing it into a purse,
but then you explain that you totally understand.
So you find a smaller needle,
one that will go through the beads,
and show her, one time, how to sew on a bead,
and remind her that she'll have to be very careful or she'll sew her purse shut.
And then,
she will bead.

And before you know it, 
she will have a lovely little beaded purse,
(that did not get sewn closed)
just waiting for you to help her get  handles sewn on.

You just never know what will happen,
when you give a girl some fabric.
Lex' ~ Momma is so proud of you!


  1. Fantastic project (and pictures!). A very special bag indeed!

  2. Precious pictures. Quite the patience for a little girl!

  3. Precious girl and precious post!! Made me smile to think about my little girl being able to sew with me when she gets to be your daughters age. (Waiting for her arrival at the moment! I am due on Tues--eeek)

    I love all the little pretty beads she sewed onto the bag!

  4. that is so beautiful! Lexi, you did awesome! you have a wonderful teacher!
    love you both,
    gramma/mom :)

  5. Very sweet! It's always fun to see a life through a child's eyes. She did a marvelous job on her little beaded purse.

  6. How magical- what a clever girl, and you've just introduced her to a world of sewing pleasure.

  7. Loved looking at the pictures again, she is just adorable!!


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