Friday, February 14, 2014

'owl' always love you

Several weeks ago, Kacy texted me and asked if I'd seen her pin.
Which set off a series of texts and messages
 and online shopping 
and about 8 hours of sewing
over the past few weeks,
and resulted in this:

A wallet, made especially for my li'l redhead :-)

I didn't want any owls upside down, so I made the outer panel be 2 pieces instead of one.
(I'm kinda surprised this wasn't part of the pattern, actually)

That was a ton of layers to stitch through. I broke a needle (a denim needle, at that!) before deciding to turn the wheel by hand

I thought the pocket looked a little boring inside, so I (after making it, of course)
decided to add an owl
as a fun little surprise.

Then I added a heart to the owl, to remind Kac' that 'owl' always love her :-)

After I finished, I told Tyler I needed to put a little bit of ribbon on the zipper,
'cause it was just a tiny bit tricky to grab when it was completely shut.
He said, "I wasn't going to say anything, but I thought maybe a little owl or something on there would be cute."
Which I thought was an absolutely perfect idea (and so much better than ribbon!)
so the girls and I spent 45 minutes at Hobby Lobby the other day
picking out just the right one.

Happy Valentine's Day, Kacy;
your wallet is on its way :-)


  1. how cute is that!! she will love it!!


  2. Tracy! Hi! I love this wallet, it is absolutely unequivocally one of the cutest delights I've ever seen!! Love it!!!

  3. It's even better in person!! I adore it!!

  4. I was about to upload some pictures on my blog as well!! :D

  5. ohmygosh!! Michelle took the words right out of my mouth!! SOOOOO cute! I love it! and the "owl always love you"......awwww!!!


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