Wednesday, February 26, 2014

coming along

I may have whipped out an outfit really quickly
but the quilt is coming along much more slowly.

I have all of the machine quilting done, except for the very center of the stars,
and I haven't yet decided what I'm going to do there.

We didn't watch much of the Olympics this year,
so I haven't gotten as much hand-quilting done by now as I had expected to.
(I'm maybe 1/5 done?  hard to say...)
I told Tyler the other day though, that I was actually at a point that I could bind it,
and he could start using it while I finish.
(I'll just have to make sure and stick the needle in my pin cushion every night ;-)
I'm not sure he's going to go for that - he prob'ly thinks I'd never get it finished...

I've already got over a hundred hours in this thing ~ this is one long work in progress ;-)
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  1. Wow! The time and dedication is definitely paying off! Beautiful work!

    Found you through WIP Wednesday :)

  2. One hundred hours? Wow! It's beautiful, and worth the time. I can relate, though. I am slow, and spend a lot more time on quilts than my friends seem to! :)

    I'm planning on doing some hand quilting soon, and am curious about the thread/floss you are using. Can you tell me what it is? I've used DMC Perle 8, I believe, and didn't like it one bit! But I also don't want to spend $5 per skein/spool of any other brand...


  3. Thanks!! :-)

    Melissa ~ that's exactly what I'm using & I really like it - what didn't you like about it? Was it just hard to use? Maybe you need a different needle? I like to use a straw needle. (size 9, I think? maybe 8) It is a smidge tricky to thread sometimes, but I like it lots better than a chenille needle - which is what people seem to recommend using with the perle.
    You could try using using just 2 strands of floss and running it through some Thread Heaven first.
    That's mostly what I used on this quilt because I needed so many colors (except I used 3 strands, to be the same thickness as perle)
    Hope that helps, but I'd be happy to help you brainstorm more on it if you'd like - my e-mail addy is in my profile :-)

  4. well, it's absolutely beautiful! the orange stitching is brilliant. =) keep at it!

  5. This is beautiful! I've been hesitant to try hand quilting, but do have a project I'm currently working on that I think would be well suited for it. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration! :)

  6. Such a lovely bright quilt! I recognise the snippets of California Dreaming fabric - I have a strip quilt in each colour way myself.
    The hand quilting really adds a special something to the mix too - a long term project which will soon be done and enjoyed for many years.

  7. Thats Tylers Quilt? well He is gonna LOVE that!! it is quite the work of art!! fabulous!!

  8. This looks beautiful. I can't wait to see a full frontal pic of it when you are finished. :)

  9. thanks, ya'll!!
    HydeeAnn ~ it also has blue, green and yellow stitching, too :-)
    Stephanie ~ go for it!!

    Karen ~ I adore California Dreamin! It was the first (and only) complete line of fabric I've ever purchased. (and I've gone back and purchased more here and there ;-) This quilt actually has several other pieces of Jenean Morrison, too ~ several of her lines play nicely together :-)

    Ter ~ he wasn't sure he wanted it at first ;-) (he can't 'see' things like we can...) but now he keeps reminding me that it is already cold.... I think it will be warm again before I finish though.

    Kris ~ you better believe I'll be posting pictures when it's finally finished!! :-)


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