Friday, February 28, 2014

Lex's farm

(Why yes, I do have children other than Lexi - but she's five
And five is just full of stuff to remember...)

Lex has started playing mine-craft. (sigh)
The other day, she was telling me all about her farm:
"I have sheep for wool,
cows for milk,
and pigs for 
*a brief pause* 
What are pigs good for?" 
"Sausage. Bacon. Pork chops. Ham." I answer.

"But what do they give you while they are still alive?" she asks.
"Umm. Nothing. 
Baby pigs?" I say.
And without missing a beat, she continued,
"I have pigs for looking at..."

(In other Lexi news, she accidentally deleted my entire texting history with Tyler.
Which means, she essentially burned 3 years of love notes.
Which makes me cry.
I don't suppose the action can be reversed??? )

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  1. Lexi Lexi Lexi you are something else! I love your farm! and love you!
    so sorry Tracy about all your love notes! the love they brought is still in your hearts!
    Lord bless you all!


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