Thursday, February 6, 2014

still kickin'

I do believe this is the longest I've gone without posting in my 5 + years of blogging.
(Can you believe it's been 5 years?! Time is just wooshing by)
I'm sorry if you worried about me.
I'm doing okay.


We've had snow,
multiple times,
in the past 2 weeks.
And it is so stinkin' cold. 
This non-insulated house and all of our portable heaters just can't keep up.

I've actually gotten in quite a bit of sewing,
but save for some hastily snapped crappy cell phone shots,
(which I really don't want to torture you with)
I have no pictures to document it.
And I don't want to take time to get decent pictures so you'll just have to take my word on it.

The  hole is patched (I made a teeny tiny yo-yo and hand sewed it over the hole. 
My friend (who knew about the hole) looked right at the spot and didn't notice it, so I call that a win.)
I finished the quilt top Saturday night (I went with the patchwork border after all. Tyler liked it...)
and moved right on to the backing
which I finished Sunday morning while the snow was coming down in huge flakes outside.
Since I couldn't baste the beast at the house, and we couldn't go anywhere,
 I took a break from the quilt to start on a specially-requested wallet :-)
(I'm almost finished with it - about another hour and a half or so left)

Monday night, I went with Tyler to the church to spray baste.
(Love, LOVE spray basting! So worth the additional expense in my (and my knee's and back's) opinion!)
A friend of mine came over, too, so I could show her how I do it ~ so that was fun.
(she's always basted with pins. she was duly impressed ;-)

Tuesday, I started on the machine quilting.
I'm having to go slow or my stitches gets loose and tension goes all wacky.
Not sure what's up with that. It's a bother, to be sure.

I was gone from the house almost the entire day. bleh!
Jeremiah and Lily both had dentist appointments;
Jeremiah had a cleaning and Lily, bless her heart, had her four front bottom teeth pulled!
Her teeth were coming in behind 'em, and they had to go.
Then I had my appointment with a naturopath doctor in F'ville
(where I got a big list of supplements to try - which is just what I was hoping for)
before heading further north to take Gramma Joyce out to dinner to the Village Inn.
(Wednesday is free pie night ~ you know that makes Gramma light up like the Fourth of July!)
TJ took my last turn, since the weather was yucky, 
so I was really missing her. I'm glad the weather was agreeable for me to go - it was kinda iffy there for awhile...
We had a really nice visit (TJ joined us, too, looking especially handsome :-)
and Gramma was thrilled to go home with 2 pieces of pie 
(mine and T's free slices - she ate every bit of hers!) 
which I told her not to eat all at once, but I doubt she listened to me ;-)
(Okay, fine. She went home with almost 2 pieces of pie - I took 3 bites. Sue me.)
I headed home after dinner, 
but T and Gramma decided they were going to see a movie after dinner before he took her (and her pie) home.
I made it home just in time to watch an episode of Leverage with my men, before ironing Tyler's shirt and crawling into bed.

I spent about 2 1/2 hours and a bunch of money
buying that list of supplements 
and now I've got a quilt and a sewing machine calling my name...
(there's also a clogged sink calling my name.
I'm ignoring it.)


  1. love all the update. we do still want to see the finished quilt when you have an extra moment for photos. and poor Lily! hope it is all better now. you and your spray basting!! and gramma and her pies! well, that wk went by fast!

  2. If you had ever basted a quilt with pins, Mom, you would get my spray basting :D
    You know I will post pictures (that won't do it justice) when it's finished - but that's still going to be quite a ways off.
    Lily has done just super!! AND the tooth fairy came! I guessed pulled teeth are top priority around these parts.
    love you!


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