Sunday, February 23, 2014

grand plans

Tyler was going to a men's retreat,
and I had grand plans for the weekend.

I'd do some sewing on Friday evening,
then Saturday was going to be all about the kids.
We'd go shopping at Penny's (they were having a sale, you know ;-)
and then we'd go to the real theater (not the cheap one)
and see the new Lego movie.
The boys and I had discussed it, and we decided to see it in 2D 
instead of watching it in 3D - we were a little concerned it might overwhelm the girls.
With the money we saved from not watching 3D,
we were going to spring for popcorn!
(I was already going to spring for popcorn, but they didn't know that ;-)
I felt absolutely horrible, after the fact, that when I took the kids to see Turbo - the girls' first movie theater experience - I didn't buy popcorn.   We never get popcorn; it's ridiculously expensive, and going to the movies should be treat enough. Lily had asked were we getting popcorn? And I fussed at her for wanting more. For not being grateful with what she's given. But she didn't know that popcorn wasn't just part going to the movies. Whenever you see, in movies, people going to the movies, they eat popcorn. She thought it was free.
 Can I just tell you - I have wished and wished for a do-over for that one! Sometimes, being thrifty isn't the right call. And I blew it. So - by golly - we were having popcorn!)
Depending how much the popcorn set me back, we might even go to McDonald's for dinner.
(That one was my little secret)

Then, on Sunday, 
they (the retreat people) were asking the wives to come to the church where the guys left for the retreat from,
for a little 'welcome home' celebration when they come back.
It's a bit of a drive, but my honey's worth it, so I started planning.
I figured, since we'll need to be in Rogers at some point, 
we may as well drive up in the morning
and surprise my mom and go to church with her and Bill and Gramma Joyce.
So Bill and I texted back and forth a bit,
and I managed to get a lunch invitation, too :-)
TJ was going to come with us also.
Since we'd have some time in between lunch and picking up our Pop,
I was cooking up a plan to get together with a childhood friend who sells essential oils.
She has access to a little gizmo that tells you what e.oils your body is most in need of.
Ever since I heard of this tool, I've wanted to get scanned.
Maybe this would be my ticket to healing...

Then, we were going to surprise Tyler, by being in Rogers to pick him up!
(Only, we weren't going to be making any posters like the retreat people had mentioned,
that just seemed a little silly.
I mean - they're only gone about 2 days total....)
My Friday sewing went well;
I made a shirt and a skirt.
(technically, I made the skirt Saturday morning, 'cause my eyes started burning around 10:30 Friday night,
so I decided against any more sewing) 
I'm quite tickled with both.
The shirt doesn't fit as perfectly as I'd like, but Lily says it is adorable, and it's certainly wearable.
The skirt, however, is perfection.
in my obviously not very humble opinion ;-)

Saturday, noonish,
we'd gotten a good bit of the house picked up and I was quickly moving boys through my haircutting station,
(high and tights with a 2 & a 4 for all of them)
when Lexi declared she wasn't feeling very good and she might throw up.

We convinced her that maybe she was just really hungry
(nobody'd asked for breakfast since they were all engrossed in their various screens - so nobody'd eaten)
and Brandon got her to eat some scrambled eggs.
She said she felt better.
The boys and I breathed a sigh of relief.
We finished picking up the house, showered and got ready to go.
Everyone even had their clothes picked out already for going to church with Gramma,
so we could have a relaxed evening once we got back home.

We went to Penny's and started the search for jeans, any jeans, sized 31x34, 35, or 36.
We didn't find one single pair.
Lexi was complaining of not feeling well again, so her Bub was holding her.
We thought maybe she was sleepy,
I had let them stay up really late. I was sewing, ya'll...
We were going to head to Aeropostale  (I may have totally butchered that) to look for jeans there
when she said, "I feel like I'm going to throw up."
We decided to head outside,
while having the 'are you sure you're sick, because if you are sick we can't go to the movie' conversation.
She thought she needed to go home.
And things just fell apart.
Jeremiah started crying.
"I've been wanting to see the Lego movie ever since it came out" (what, 2 weeks ago?)
I fussed at him.
We weren't not seeing the movie, we just weren't seeing it today....
And he was being selfish.
(actually, I was too, cause I was really bummed about not getting to spoil my kids. Or surprise my mom!)
And then, right there in the middle of JC Penny's,
Lexi threw up.
All over herself, Brandon's back,
and the floor.

And all of our grand plans went right out the window.
And we went home. 
Without even a Redbox movie as consolation.


  1. OH My! so sorry Lex got sick and you missed seeing the Lego movie that day anyway. you would have surprised me for sure! It was a great idea! so sorry we missed you all. but sure hope Lexi is feeling better and no one else is sick. thanks for thinking of such wonderful plans for your family!
    you're a good girl!
    love you!

  2. sorry Lexi was sick! There will be another time for a movie re-do I am sure!! I HAVE to have popcorn when I go to the movies, they DO go together! But it is expensive!! I bet you have a way figured out to cut down on that bill all tucked away in your head bringing a big purse with juices boxes and extra little bags so you can buy the biggest popcorn they have and then share it!! :) and I bet you could suprise mom anytime also! hope everyone is feeling ok and lexi is better! love you all!!


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