Tuesday, October 1, 2013

little nut

I tend to talk to, and about, other drivers.
Stupid drivers, specifically.

I become a bit more gracious when there's a new driver in the house, though,
because it helps me think perhaps that stupid driver
isn't really stupid,
so much as new.

Last night, I took the four (that's what I call them now that they aren't 'the little ones' - 'the four') to the movies.
It was the first time for the girls to go to a theater.
We saw Turbo, which I thought was cute and well done.
I think I like it more than Cars, even.
But none of that is relevant to the post....

Driving home from the movie,
 after we got icecream cones, using the kids' free coupons earned during the library's summer reading program, (which is also irrelevant)
we were behind a 
- shall we say -
less than stellar driver.
He (she?) was driving under the speed limit
and slowed even more when passing oncoming traffic.
I wondered aloud what was wrong with that driver.

Josiah, knowing that it is difficult for me to see at night without my glasses,
"Maybe he forgot his glasses."
To which Jeremiah replied, with a grin you could hear, 
"Or maybe" he drug the word out,
"he had too many glasses."
"Glasses of beer."

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