Monday, October 28, 2013


TJ came down for the weekend
and got to run his first official 5K.

He was the 25th person to come in with a time of 26 minutes,
and Brandon crossed the finish line 10 people later.
(which made me worry a bit; he usually beats his bub by a few seconds.
He actually wasn't feeling very well 
and his lips were white after the race.
Tyler took him in to sit down while T grabbed him a granola bar.
He was looking more like himself in just a few minutes. whew!)

The four kiddos ran the 1K fun run.
Jeremiah and Josiah had wanted to run the 5K,
but I wouldn't let them since we hadn't trained...
(Speaking of not training - Brandon didn't get to run even one time in the seven weeks before the race,
since Robotics had taken up pretty much all of his time.) 

Josiah really wanted to win a medal,
so he gave it his all.
He was the first runner to cross the finish line,
followed closely by Jeremiah!
they weren't handing out any medals for the 1K,
except for the little plastic ones they gave to everyone.

Lexi was pretty serious about running, too.
TJ ran with her
and at one point she told him, "Step on it! We've got to beat that little girl!"
Silly nut!
I have no clue why my children are so competitive ;-)

Lily wasn't sure she wanted to run after all, 
but decided at the last minute that she would.
(I think maybe she thought she could have more granola bars that way ;-)


I'm proud of all of my kiddos!
Good job, Guys!!
kiss kiss, hug hug


  1. that was pretty awesome every one!!
    did you hear me cheering you all on! a round of hugs to each of you!
    Grandma " ) oops I messed up my mascara let's try that again
    : )

  2. cheers to all the runners!!!! great job everyone!!!


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