Monday, October 14, 2013

welcome to another episode of - she should have been blonde

More than once, twice, thrice,
I have turned the water on to fill up the sink,
left the kitchen to do something 'real quick'
and come back much later to a veeery wet kitchen.

I'm no longer allowed to leave the kitchen when the faucet is on.
I forget.


We have a little spot in the kitchen, sort of above the sink, hidden behind a board that runs across the ceiling between the wall cabinets,
where it leaks when it rains.
For months, I waited for the the ceiling to drop; it was only a matter of time.
Sure enough, about a month or so ago, when Tyler was gone,
several chunks of ceiling and bits of shingles came crashing down into the sink.
I cleaned up the mess
and then thought it'd be smart of me to gather up all the dangling pieces of drywall off of the ceiling
before they, too, fell down
and made another mess.
Of course - I made a mess gathering them all up.

I waited several days (until Tyler would have a chance to do something about it)
before I even mentioned it to him.
He wasn't overly worried about it.
I, on the other hand, though not worried, per say,
am not overly thrilled with a gaping hole into the attic/outside
just above my head (sort of).


Tonight, after a hurried dinner,
Tyler and Brandon left for Robotics
and the kids went outside to play in the rain,
I put the drain plug in
and turned on the hot water to soak the dishes.

When I went to get more dishes from the table,
I found some scraps to feed to the cats,
so I took them outside.
The scraps. The cats were already out there.
When I came back in,
I set about clearing more of the table.
At which time 
I heard water in the kitchen
and thought, "Well, CRAP! That ceiling  and roof has completely given way
 and it's raining in my house!"

I ran in there
and saw
that I was still filling up the sink.


  1. oh dear....please know this seems to run in the family, you are not alone sister! ahhhhh!

  2. at least it wasn't raining in your house! sorry about those blonde "roots" you come by honestly.
    Love you,


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