Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Alfredo, perfected

I made 
what I think
was a perfect Alfredo sauce this evening.
before I forget how I made it, I'm writing it here.
We tend to lose scraps of paper magneted to the fridge.

I should interject - Tony once taught Tyler to make a very delicious Alfredo sauce,
but neither of us can recall exactly what he was taught.
I only can remember that it used egg yolks,
and being as my chickens are of a rather stingy sort,
I need all of my eggs, with yolks intact
for other eating.

This sauce was super easy;
I just turned the burner on low and tended it
while I was making the rest of dinner
(Philly wraps, if you must know, made with planned-over roast. Yum!)

In a small saucepan, I put
1 stick of butter
4 garlic cloves, minced
8 oz cream cheese

When it was melty and mixed, I added 1 c. of cream.
I thought we might need more liquid,
but I felt like things might be getting just a wee bit heavy,
so I added 1/2 c. almond milk, unsweetened, and unflavored, of course.

When that was all whisked nicely together
I added a cup of parmesean/romano blend cheese ~ just the dry stuff in a jar from Aldi.
and a few shakes of red peper flakes.
I let that cook on low until we were ready for it.
The texture, the aroma, the flavor
- all of it -

We ate it on spaghetti squash ~ the four weren't overly thrilled with it.
I thought it was positively scrumptious
and combined all of their leftovers in one bowl
and will eat them tomorrow :-)

(Just so we're clear - it was the squash they weren't fond of. The sauce, they seemed to like very much.)


  1. sounds positively yummy!! I made some recently also after a visit to olive garden, i looked online and found that recipe, it was darn good too and we ate it with sautee onions n mushrooms over sketti squash too!!! I hate "wasting egg" so I saved the whites for breakfast. equally good! especially w leftover alfredo!! I also made the Olive garden Zuppa Toscana recipe....oh man!! I should only make those recipes like once a year or I would be as big as a house! LOL love you!!

  2. does sound yummy! not sure about the spagetti squash. I like it, just can't imagine it with alfredo



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