Wednesday, September 25, 2013

system failure

I'm thinkin' I need to rethink my system.

Ever since we bought Tyler a new work wardrobe
that fits properly
(and he looks so stinkin' hot I've seriously considered going to college
so I can get a job at Data-tronics, too.
But I nixed that idea
first of all, 
the chance of me doing well enough in college to get hired on at DTC is pretty slim,
and secondly,
If I did manage to get a degree
and get the job,
I'd lose it right away for failure to achieve.
'Cause the only reason I want the job in the first place
is to look at that all day.)

Where was I?

Ah, yes, Tyler's clothes.

What I meant to say was - every evening since Tyler started dressing all awesome for work,
when he tells me he's heading to bed,
I head in
 to iron his next day's shirt.

More than once,
after I've ironed the collar and collar stand,
the yoke,
backs and fronts of both sleeves,
one front,
and one back,
I'll find,
when I get to the final panel  - the other front,
a spot.

Now, I very much appreciate that he re-wears his shirts so as to not add unnecessarily to my workload,
last night, I fired him from checking his own shirts
for another-time wearability.
(He's not messy. I'm much more of a slob than he is. It's just that, 
there's a little something on his shirt that renders it unwearable
in my opinion,
and it's always on the last section I iron.
Never on the collar, or the sleeve...)

I'm not real sure about my new system, though,
'cause I was busy when he came in for me to check his shirt
and I told him,
"Just put it in the dirty laundry."

And just like that, I made more work for myself.


  1. I have no idea what Terri said ? except kisses and hugs !

    and by the way you would do great if you went to get a degree and you could get that job no doubt about that. you could do anything great! & you already do!!
    your mama : )

  2. (she said 'Laughing My Butt Off')
    I sure have you fooled, Mom :-) but thanks! I'm proud to be your girl! XO


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