Thursday, September 19, 2013

just in case you were wondering

My friend Amy told me I'm useful.
in the interest of being useful and all,
I, very thoughtfully, made a Pinterest board
just in case,
you know,
you wanted to buy me a gift,
but you weren't entirely sure what it was that you wanted to buy me.

I stole this picture. on accident. Pinned the photo, not the blog
where I saw the photo. which is a shame ~ I'd probably like the blog...

If you don't see anything that grabs ya,, not to worry,
I'll keep adding to it.

Because, as you know,
I'm so kind.
and useful.

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  1. YAYYYY! That is going to help ALOT!! 'cept idk what that collapsible wooden thingy you to the moon and back...BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! ♥


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