Friday, September 6, 2013


I won beat the pants off of Tyler 3 games in a row.
(quite possibly more, but I can't remember...)
In backgammon, of course.

We were going to play one more this morning,
because winning four in a row
sounds better than three in a row.
But then I worried that I might lose
and then it'd be kinda pointless to go on record as having won three...
So I figured I'd best leave well enough alone
and savor my victory.


  1. hahahaa!! you are a hoot! yay sister! I ca not seem to get james to play games with me, but here recently I got himt o play yatzee. and he keeps winning!! arhhhh! you will have to refresh me on how to play backgammon. its been a long time, then maybe james will play that with me also! On a side note, i am not fond of the new way we have to comment, before I could comment on several on the same page, now it has to go to all separate pages??

  2. We played another game after I posted and I LOST! Probably ought to have somebody else give you a refresher ~ we just discovered we've been doing something (although I couldn't tell you what)backwards all these years.

    I changed it because I wanted to be able to reply to individual comments, but they don't have an option for opening comments in another window with that - which I, too, prefer. I figured I'd give this a whirl, but I can change it back to the old way.

    1. well. I went to change it back, and I can't find an option for it. weird!!


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