Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday snippets

The boys and I made a quick trip to the library Wednesday
before heading to FSM for dentist appointments.
I'm just not sure its gonna work.
I didn't know if there were no Fancy Nancy books,
or if I just couldn't find any...

I actually picked up a book for myself while we were there;
I was grabbing some Clive Cussler books for Brandon, and one caught my eye.
It felt kinda wrong to be reading a paper book,
after I'd just been given a Kindle.
But I don't want to take the Kindle anywhere without a case, and I haven't figured out what I want yet...

I found a new-to-me blog recently, a photography(ish) blog.
(once you visit, you'll know why the 'ish'. There's so much more than just photography)
The blog is quite different from Alicia's,
but it's another one that I like to save for last, to really savor.
I especially like her posts about her husband.
I am not nearly as eloquent or poetic, but I feel exactly the same way about Tyler.
He is so so good to me!
(and for me)

T came down for the weekend;
he ran a 5K yesterday 
and got 3rd place in his age group!

Speaking of T - I bought him a couple of herb plants for Valentine's.
He put them out on the porch to get some sunshine today.
Later when he and the boys were going out to shoot some guns, he called,
"Mo-om! The chickens ate my plants!"
Sure enough, those little rascals thought he'd put out a fresh buffet just for them.

I don't know if I've mentioned it,
but we are trying out a year-round schedule this year for school.
We do 6 weeks on, and then get a week off.
(we'll have a bigger break in the summer, just not 3 months)
Brandon and I were calculating how behind he was in math the other day
(turns out he isn't behind at all :-)
and I got to thinking that we must be about due for another break.
I checked my calendar yesterday.
We get next week off!!
I'm pretty tickled about that, if you couldn't tell.
I haven't told the kids yet,
but I imagine they'll be pretty pleased, too.
Tyler may even take a day off this week also :-)

I'm slowly making progress on the quilting.
I'd make more progress though, if I wouldn't decide that I needed to rip out over 200 inches of stitching...

Speaking of math,
Lily is almost finished with her 1st grade math
(5 days left)
and Josiah has already finished his 3rd grade book.
They're both just moving full steam ahead!

Lexi let Jack in our bedroom in the middle of the night.
She said she thought I'd 'appreciate him'.
I did not.
But I did appreciate very much that my love got me up with a hot cup of coffee this morning,
right before they headed out to Sunday School.
(He takes the kiddos to SS, and leaves me home to get ready by myself.
Bliss, I tell ya! 
So much better than when he used to go to SS with the big boy(s), 
and leave me home alone to get a bunch of little ones ready.)
Since I didn't have to pee,
having already gone a few hours earlier, when I promptly took Jack out of my room,
I just reached over and grabbed my Kindle,
without even getting out of bed,
and read, while I enjoyed my coffee.


  1. We do the 6 weeks on/1 week off schedule too.....and this week is our off week. :) Oh happy me!! We also take off extra time when grandparents come to visit and around our summer break isn't as long...but that's okay by me, since it's so stinkin' hot around August anyways, we'd rather be inside in the air conditioning getting school done. Then when the weather is nice, we can have more time to play!

  2. What Clive Cussler book did you get?? I've only read a few, but I remember liking them...

    Love you, momma!

  3. Goodness, Ton' I don't even know. I called Brandon and just read through the titles to see what he'd read. I think the ones I got were some of his older books.
    You know - he is the one who wrote the book that the movie Sahara is based on (probably also called Sahara ;-)
    (It wasn't a CC book that I'd grabbed for me, although I am sure I would enjoy them, too. Don't know why I've never read one...) Love YOU, my boy!!

  4. We do 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off...and our 2 weeks started yesterday. Bliss! I love my origami case for my kindle...would definitely recommend it!

  5. 2 weeks off ~ good thinking!! :-)
    That's one of the cases I've looked at

  6. it all sounds wonderful!(minus the ripped out stitches and jack) especially that you got coffee in bed with your kindle, very nice!

  7. love all the tidbits and snippets! I just can not understand who is filing those library books? a 5 year old? thats an abomination! It frustrates me and I am not even there!! NOT in a library!! its just not right! I am going to try growing some herbs and butternut squash this year! LOVE the butternut and it keeps so well! and I will make sure to keep the herbs away from the chickens! lol! Love you all!!!

  8. I know! It is just crazy!!
    I LOVE butternut squash! so yummy!!

    (yes, Mom, the coffee in bed was very nice!)
    love you both so much!!


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