Tuesday, February 25, 2014

signature style

My Friday / Saturday sewing? I know ya'll we're just dying to see it ;-)
Here it is:

I don't really consider that I have much of 'a style', but if I do,
this is it.

Fitted  knit top, mostly plain, but with a little something special,
and a comfy skirt,
cute, but comfortable, footwear.
I guess you could say, comfort is my style ;-)

The top,
made up in a dreamy fabric (either this or this - I think the bamboo) purchased on sale from Michael Levine, 
is made from the bodice of my tweaked and re-tweaked Lady Skater dress pattern,
(that I still haven't managed to get to fit just right in the shoulder/underarm area - or blog about...)
lengthened, and then widened at the hips,
with a sweet little bustle added.
The sleeve length was determined entirely
 by the fact that I only had 1 yard of fabric,
but I quite like it.
Long enough for warmth, but not so long that they get in the way when I wash dishes.

The skirt,
is a fun knit print - also purchased from Michael Levine,
made from my Alabama Chanin pattern, but sewn entirely by machine.
I underlined it, because the fabric was super thin.
To keep my fabrics together, I used my trusty basting spray
which worked fabulously!
(but was a little trickier than basting a quilt, since both fabrics were slickery)

I did 3 rows of stitching on the neckline and hems, for added interest.

I love my bracelet from Rahab's Robe!

And here, let me show you the hem on my skirt...

Oh, wait!
You can't see it - it's a blind hem.
har har har :-)
There you have it.
My comfy, signature style.

me - all classy with my heels sunk down in the dirt ;-)  typical.

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I updated my last weight-loss progress report with a side by side comparison photo - which is, at once, both dis, and en couraging.


  1. pretty snazzy, girl!
    you look great!!
    had to chuckle with you all classy with your heels sunk down in the dirt. typical. that'd be typical round here, too. the top and skirt and boots are all a hit! the gal wearing them is the best of it all !!
    love you,

  2. You are one hot mama! (I totally just started singing the song...)
    I love this outfit! It's so..YOU. :D
    <3 Love and Miss you dearly!

  3. Love it! The comfort, the sleeve, the sweet little bustle. I think this is my style too, but I have a lot more experimenting to do since I just rediscovered sewing in the past year. Heels sunk down in the dirt - oh, yeah!

  4. Well Look at You!!! Looking beautiful and fabulous! Mom said it best!! and the outfit is super cute! I love the little ruffles on the back of the shirt! wish I was brave enough to wear more color...I have been trying tho!Heels sunk down in the dirt ...cracked me up! love you!!

  5. I love this outfit! Our styles are similar, and I really like the fit of your t-shirt, and the colors of everything here. Great idea on the triple stitching lines!


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