Friday, February 21, 2014

progress, at a snail's pace

If you're counting,
(and I doubt seriously that you are ;-)
it's been 5 weeks since my last fitness/weight-loss update.

I have maintained my daily-except-Sundays workout schedule.
But I gotta admit,
there are days (many days, actually)
that I would have just skipped the dang exercise altogether,
if it weren't for the fact I'd have to confess my failure here.
It's hard to keep going at it
when the outcome doesn't seem to be in keeping with the effort.

The trampoline.
It has helped tremendously, I think.
My heel only hurts on grocery shopping days (whereas it had gotten to the point it was hurting every day).
My knees still hurt pretty much all the time,
but they don't hurt extra while I'm exercising, like they did before we bought the trampoline,
so that is a huge blessing.
I've started rubbing DMSO and wintergreen e.oil on them several times a day
and I think that's helping a bit.
Except, now I smell like an old person.

I am beginning to see some muscle definition in my arms and shoulders, so that is nice.
Although, when I mentioned it to Tyler, he said, "Where?
So, maybe there is not as much definition as I thought ;-)
In his defense, he thought I should have been flexing,
whereas, I think 'definition' means you can see the muscle through normal movement, without flexing.
Anybody can flex and get a little bit of a bump....
most of my 'definition' is still hiding under layers of fat.

I lost 1.4 lbs.
in 5 weeks.
It's downright discouraging.
My friend started her husband on THM (only, we're calling it Trim Healthy Man ;-)
and in the first week, he lost 7.
7 pounds. A pound a day.
I may just have to kick him in the shins when I see him.

I just don't even know what to say.
Except for my hip measurement, which remained the same,
every single measurement increased.
Even my neck.
Now, my previous tape measure, a special measure-by-yourself jobbie, broke (with a little help from Lex')
right after I'd finished measuring last month,
so I can only assume that my current tape measure
is wrong.
I bought a pair of size 10 jeans this week! 
TEN! :-)
And it wasn't an anomaly,
because I tried on lots of pairs of 10's in various brands 
that fit.
I even squeezed into an 8.
But they weren't flattering to anything except my pride,
so I left them at the store.

I really needed that bit of encouragement,
because I'll be honest:
this is hard!
And if I weren't so sick of being fat - I'd have given up by now.
I'm 4 days away from 6 months of THM,
and have been exercising daily for 4 months and 3 days.
I really expected to have made a lot more progress by now.

I had my appointment with the naturopath, which I mentioned a few weeks ago.
I finally got in all of the supplements I'd ordered
and have been taking them for 2 weeks now.
So far, I'm not noticing an improvement, 
but she did tell me it could take quite awhile for me to see big changes,
because I have been in this depleted state for such a long time.

Moving forward,
I'm just going to keep up with my daily workouts,
always adapting weights and movement, to keep my body guessing,
and I'll keep eating as well as I can.
I'll keep taking my supplements
(which also helps me drink plenty of water ;-).
And now that the sun is shining again, 
I'll do my best to soak up some rays on a regular basis, too.

edited 2/25 to add:
After my photo shoot for my latest outfit - I compared pictures from my 1st update, exactly 3 months ago.

I lost 3.8 lbs in that 3 month period,
during which, I may have mentioned ;-)
I worked out every single day, except Sundays (and maybe 3 days off around the holidays)
The difference is subtle.
Very subtle.
But it's there.

It's going to take about 4 times longer than I was expecting, but I'll get there. Eventually...


  1. ahhhhh, keep on keeping on sis! its not ALL about the scale! I have been slacking very much myself, must get back at it!! have a (almost free!!)trip to florida coming up the first of May, do not want to look like a beached whale on the beach!! your perseverance helps me not give up too!! I am ordering dr. ian smith's book "shred" maybe it will jumpstart me! Love you bunches!!

  2. That's not fair to compare yourself to Mike. He's a man. They just seem to have it so much easier in that area. NOT fair!!

    Congrats on the 10s!!

  3. size 10 is impressive! and right, you can't go only by the scale! we are all so proud of you and your stick-to-it-ness! Go Tracy!!

  4. I know I can't only go by the scale - I'm not. It's just that in every form of 'measurement of success' (weight, size, how I feel both physically and emotionally, jiggliness, ect) I seem to be coming up short....

    love you all! :-) thanks for being my cheerleaders :-)

  5. You just keep on keeping on! It never happens as fast as we want it to or as fast as it really should, does it?


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