Wednesday, March 16, 2016

becoming Bess

Bess McGrew. 

She's who I want to be when I'm old.

I was thinking about  her the other day,
which led to lamenting about 
how very far I have to go
to be like her.

But then a thought hit me:
perhaps Bess,
hasn't always been Bess! 

Maybe Bess hasn't always been the epitome of beautiful her whole life??

Maybe - there is hope for me yet...

(but I think I will try to find lipstick that stays on my lips
 - if I bother to wear lipstick when I am 100 - 
so I don't leave kiss marks for people to discreetly wipe off ;-)


  1. How wonderful that you have Bess as a role model.

  2. Wear lipstick, those kiss make are what make memories for people.


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