Thursday, March 24, 2016

different strokes for different folks

I think I've mentioned before
that getting ready to go somewhere 
- even somewhere I want to go -
is stressful for me.

You got me.
I practically fall apart.
Every time.

I'm getting better
(now that I'm close to 50... rolls eyes)
but even my best 'getting ready' efforts
still include at least a micro-mini breakdown.

I did really good getting ready for the Family Camp,
especially if you take into consideration the fact that
1) I was voting to stay home for a little solo vacation
2) Our family decided to handle food prep and planning and purchasing.
(which sort of made option 1 impossible)

All in all,
Family Camp was good,
and I would go again.
(Although I still would probably vote to stay home by my lonesome)

On the way home, 
I told Tyler,
"Chris kept saying this was fun, 
but he wished it was 3 nights, instead of 2."

(I was thinking 2 nights was plenty)

Tyler said, "Chris is an extrovert!"

(He was thinking 2 was plenty, too)

I thought a minute and said,
"I had the most fun when I was cleaning those pans."

To which Tyler replied,
"And you, are an introvert."

(There were several cast iron skillets in the kitchen, 
and most of them were in need of some TLC.
There was one that was so rusty,
I wasn't sure it was salvageable.

On the last day, after everyone had cleaned their cabins,
but it wasn't yet time to prepare lunch, 
I went in the kitchen.
I could still hear various games being played in the dining hall.

I scrubbed those skillets with salt
then oiled them until they shined.
Some I set on the stove for a few minutes.
I wiped away all excess oil,
and neatly re-stacked them on the counter,
ready for the next group to use.
And not a soul besides Tyler, (and now, you) will ever even know I did it! :-)

What can I say?!
I derive tremendous satisfaction from spotless pans.


Different strokes for different folks.


  1. I spend a lot of time in our church kitchen that is used by many people. While that was obviously a chance for you to recharge your introvert battery, your work will certainly bless many users in the months to come. Plus, a pot or two got a new life instead of going to the landfill. Thanks!

  2. I can't say that cleaning pans would be a highlight of weekend, but I am glad you enjoyed. I am home alone over Easter, they house is tidy and will stay that way, I am watching Season 1 of Outlander, gardening, sewing, cooking and eating what I want to. Bliss!!
    Happy Easter to you and your family.


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