Wednesday, March 23, 2016

getting our footing

This guy happens to be the nephew of the folks we bought the place from.
He has fond memories of fishing in our pond :-)

uh oh

This guy was the 'driver' of the concrete spout. (I'm pretty sure that's not its real name)

she'll be comin' 'round the mountain.....


The day was not without some drama.
but they were all met (and handled) quickly.

The porch footing hadn't been dug correctly, so that had to be fixed right off.

Because we didn't know concrete would go in today,
Tyler hadn't put in a pipe for water going into the house
in the footing,
so Brandon had to run to the hardware store to buy the pipe, 
then dig a trench for it.

(which is now, very clearly, going somewhere!! :-) )
wasn't sufficient to withstand the weight of full concrete trucks,
so he called in a track hoe (I think that's what they were calling it)
and a dump tuck load of something a lot bigger than what we had
to remedy the situation.

Our kitchen drainage pipe was messed up in the process,
so a "Do NOT Use" note has been on the sink all day.
And as the fourth (and final) concrete truck drove off,
it busted a water line.

The crew quickly fixed that,
and Daniel (aka the concrete guy) is working on the drainage pipe
as I type.
Which brings Day 2 of house-building
to a close.

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  1. What an adventure! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that all works well!


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