Saturday, March 12, 2016

team yard sale

Our church is raising $200,000 
(by Easter!)
to build 2 orphanages
in Kenya.

We have all been encouraged to give generously
and even sacrificially,
and our family has done that,
but we also wanted our 242 group to do something collectively.

We decided on a yard sale,
and scheduled it for this weekend.

Wednesday evening,
instead of our regular meeting,
we all got together to price and organize all of the junk stuff 
that we'd collected.

There was a moment when we were all in the garage;
everyone working,
and talking
and laughing.
I  just stopped, hands midair at the back of the garage
(I was hanging up clothes)
 and looked around at them all,
and thought, "I really love these people."
I wanted to go grab my phone to take a picture,
but decided against it;
I sure wouldn't have wanted anyone snapping a picture of me at the moment,
so I just took a mental snapshot.

My attitude last night though
- um -
 less than stellar
about the sale.
The forecast wasn't great, and I thought we'd all be wasting our day,
get wet and soggy,
and barely raise any money.

I was so wrong.

The weather was great for a sale,
(although - our hair did get a bit frizzy...)
we had a steady stream of customers,
we had fun,
multiple people said *they* felt blessed
(our prices were so stinking cheap!)
and we raised almost $1,200!!!

yay team!


  1. Hurray! Praise the Lord for working...even our attitude's aren't "stellar" :) Love those moments when we get to work together for Christ.

  2. That sure is a lot of money to raise. Good luck with it all, sounds like you have a really dedicated group.

  3. I wish I was in your group!!!!! I would love to know where the church stands in their mission????? <3


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