Tuesday, March 15, 2016

learning together

Do you know the story of the persistent widow?

That's Lexi.

She has been wanting to learn to knit.

Every day.
All day.
"Mom, can I watch a knitting video?"

I tried explaining that a video was not the best way for a little girl to learn to knit,
but she would not be deterred.

It turns out,
I was right.
A video is not the best way for a little girl to learn how to knit.

But her momma can learn from it,
and then teach her.

Knit washcloths for everyone...

Momma loves you, you persistent little bugger!

(we need another set of needles, Mom needs to learn how to purl next...)


  1. Good job! I have a little friend who insists I'm getting her a knitting kit for her birthday so I can teach her.

  2. Ahaha! Persistence pays!!! Your knitting looks so even for a first try - wowza. I can knit and purl, and once even made a baby blanket that involved some fancy cable knit stitchery, but I doubt I did it right. That was before we had internet and you-tube, so I just did what I *thought* the instructions described. It was nice and soft. Babies like soft. Sometimes ya just have to roll with what is 'right' about a project. (Oh, and if I drop a stitch, I might as well rip the whole thing apart and start over. There is no picking up stitches for me. Yet. Shortly after the baby blanket attempt I bought a book for dummies. Perfect. Just need to look at it some day...)


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