Thursday, July 31, 2008

learning to walk

Josiah has spent the last 15 minutes
helping Lily walk,
excitedly calling out every few seconds,
"Lily's walking, Lily's walking!"
She's pretty happy to have such a great coach
and cheerleader.
I'm pretty happy to have kids that love each other so much!


  1. awww, that's so much fun!
    When I was over monday, I encouraged her to walk to Josiah, and he was SOOOOO excited!
    He's a sweet big bro.

  2. Yay! She and AC are on the same page! Content to be crawlers for a LONG time. :o) AC is taking steps now too and took 10 the other day!! Crawling is still and easy standby, though. :o) I think it's sweet that Lilly's big brother is so helpful and excited about her.

  3. YEAH!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for everyone. Nice to have some helpers - what sweet moments.


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