Wednesday, May 6, 2009

must create something

When I finished the quilts Saturday
(Happy Birthday, Lana & Josiah!)
I figured that'd be it for awhile
but already
I am itchin' to sew
I have got to get me a fabric stash somehow;
never mind I have nowhere to stash it...


  1. Wow you finished TWO in that short time?? Amazing....

  2. You have to show us full shots of those quilts. I'm sure they are amazing!

    And if you can spare the time to write a simple explanation I'd love to have you teach me how to do those sundresses. Ali gets comments wherever she goes on it. If you want, you can just give me quick measurements and instructions, or you can do a complete guest post with photos and everything. It's up to you because you are very busy!


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