Sunday, February 7, 2010

playing with fabric

I had some fabric left after making a new pad for the highchair
so I made these

it's not too weird to have clothes that match furniture
is it??

Even if it is
I like 'em anyways
As I was dressing Lexi this morning
Jeremiah asked me if I made Lexi's sweater, too.
I told him it was either knitted or crocheted
and I didn't know how to do those.
He said, "Well, maybe some lady
who knows how to sew with yarn
can teach you."

Good idea!


  1. Your girls are so cute. Love the outfits that you made. You are very creative.
    Sharon B.

  2. We were looking at your blog last night during Superbowl and we agree you have the cutest kids and are so clever!

  3. How about a brother to teach you? Nathan and I started knitting this last vacation. He has already made a pair of socks for Samuel and I've made a pair of pants for Etienne. Socks for Adrienne are next.

    Love you!

    PS. I love how Jeremiah looks at things and figures that anybody can make them. What a positive outlook!


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