Saturday, June 21, 2014

random pictures from my phone

I haven't been taking many pictures with my good camera lately.
Mostly because I am frustrated with my ignorance and my inability to capture what I am trying to capture.
and I just forget to pull it out.
Or, I think, 'I have lots of blocks done' (22 for the red and white quilt) 'I should take pictures and do a post'.
But the effort required to do so
deters me.
what we have today,
are just random pictures from my phone
(you may have guessed that from the title ;-)
after deleting all of the minecraft/clash of clans/dragonvale pictures 
that the kids love to take.

I woke up at 6:30 one morning and found Josiah asleep in the chair. 
He went back to bed, and didn't remember even being in the living room.

Silly Lex'. Playing with her Bub's hat.

Pricey lotion I found at Handmade Marketplace in Fayetteville.
I thought it looked like Eva.

National Donut Day. I got an apple fritter. I'm such a rebel.

Lexi fixed her pancakes all by herself (pancakes: 2 c oats, whirred in the blender,
2 c. 1 or 2% cottage cheese, 2 c. egg whites, 2 Tbs xylitol, 2 Tbs baking powder)

This is what I use on my knees and ankles (and my wrists and shoulders
sometimes, too, but always my knees!) when I exercise. Helps tremendously.
I finally got smart and mixed the two together in a little glass spray bottle.

Lexi and Gramma Joyce play Go Fish :-)

one of my pinned workouts - I texted this to Tyler the first time
I did it. (took me almost 19 minutes and my quads were on fire!)
I managed to do ALL 60 pushups unmodified.  WooHooo!!
(Thus the need for the wintergreen DMSO on my wrists and shoulders)

Ton' and Kacy texted us when they ate her birthday dessert. Staying in touch with
family in 2014 is a lot easier than it was in 1987-'89 (when we lived in Germany)!

and here's the recipe for the dessert :-)  YUM!

Somebody's purse at church. Aka: quilt inspiration.

Taken from Kacy's 'sayings' pinterest board, and texted to My Love.

Speaking of My Love...

hubba hubba


  1. From Uncle Guy

    Nice pics

    where's the selfie?

  2. The selfie, huh? Well, as you might imagine, I don't take many selfies
    It's not that I mind selfies (quite frankly, I am in awe of all the people who can take a good photo of themselves!) I just don't take them myself as a general rule.
    Of course, as a general rule, I don't even like to see pictures of myself....

    Looking forward to seeing you SOON :-)


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